My name is Noel Billig. I currently reside in Brooklyn, NY with my wife, my two children and a Boston Terrier named Charlie. I have been working in various roles in the online media industry for the past 12 years and, despite it all, still enjoy it. I am currently employed as a Technical Creative Director at R/GA.

I started off my higher education at Columbia University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science where I intended to focus on Computer Science. I transfered to NYU‘s Tisch School of Film & Television after my first year at Columbia in a futile attempt to escape a future spent in front of a computer. While at NYU, I focused on animation, studying techniques ranging from traditional hand drawn & stop motion animation to 2D & 3D computer animation.

I’ve worked professionally with a variety of tools, ranging from After Effects & Photoshop, to HTML, CSS & Javascript, to Java & PHP, as well as Flash & Actionscript.


I’ve started maintaining a Tumblr log to keep track of random internet links I find interesting (and you might too).

I have a Flickr account I use to store photos and images.

I also maintain a LinkedIn Profile for my professional information.


You can email me at my gmail address, my account name is “noelbillig”. If you have questions or comments about things in the blog, please use the commenting system in the blog rather than emailing me. I prefer not to receive product and service related emails, so please do not email me about those kinds of things. Also, I’m really bad about responding to emails, so don’t take it personally if you get a really late response, a really short response, or no response at all.